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In Home Aura Photo And Full Body Chakra Report

In Home Aura Photo And Full Body Chakra Report

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  • A high-quality photo print of you and your aura delivered in a sleek cardboard frame. 
  • A 15-page comprehensive AuraGraph energy report will be emailed. The report includes your aura photo, full body aura & chakra view, chakra levels, & several pages of full insight into your personality aura colors! View a Sample  AuraGraph Report.
  • An informational pamphlet that will help you understand each color’s meaning.
  • **Included in Single Readings and Couple's Readings, I will go over your AuraGraph report with you!


For singles and couples sessions, I will recap the AuraGraph for each person individually.  

  • Single Session: One person's private session lasts up to 45 minutes.  (includes a recap of AuraGraph Report)
  • Couple's Session (gets 10% off!): Up to (2) people and lasts up to 60 minutes. (includes a recap of AuraGraph Report)

For the larger gatherings, I do not include a recap of the AuraGraph for each person. I will go over it once, at the beginning, for the entire group.

  • Small Gathering (gets 10% off): Up to (5) people and lasts up to 60 minutes 
  • Medium Gathering (gets 15% off): Up to (10) people and lasts up to 90 minutes 
  • Large Gathering (gets 20% off): Up to (20) people and lasts up to 2.5 hours
  • Extra Large Gathering (gets 20% off): Up to (50) people and lasts up to 4 hours 

Check out the "Tell Me More" section to find out more about what an Aura Photo and an AuraGraph Report are! 

I will come to you at your home (or wherever you choose). The event MUST be within a 1-hour drive from Olympia, WA. I require a power supply to run the equipment.

Please note* The aura photos and AuraGraph reports are only available at IN-PERSON events. This is not an item that can be shipped.

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